MImi Chen


Angel City Talent  
Agent - Mimi Mayer

T: 323-656-5489


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Radio America                         Newscaster                                 Chris Showerman

Sick Puppy                              Sue Kukido                                 Chris Williamson, AFI

Untitled Project                       Wife                                           Aidan McDermott

Love on Brownstone Street      Mrs. Chang                                  Madison Ainley

The Racewalker                       Shun Li                                       Heroic Films

Spymoms                               Spymom Tsong                            Will Lu, Director

Battle of Shaker Heights           Daughter                                    Greenlight Productions

A Song for Honest Abe             Supporting/Lead's band member    Charles Miller, Director

A Woolly Tale                          Supporting/Singer                        Independent Feature

International Center                 Lead/Food Fanatic                        Independent Short

Can't Hear You Knocking           Lead/DJ                                       Documentary Feature


We Are Men, Ep 7 & 9                       Mrs. Chin                              CBS-TV

Family Tree                                     Self                                      Disney

California Music Channel                   VJ/HOST                                CMC Broadcasting Inc., Oakland, CA

Twilight Zone Marathon                   Host                                     TV-20, San Francisco, CA

Comedy Pilot                                  Mimi                                     Lou Casabianca Productions, SF

Barry Who Pilot                               Various                                 Digidogs Productions, SF

Firerose Theatre Group                                member                     Firerose Theatre Group

Sketch Comedy Troupe                                member                     "Name That Troupe"

Teahouse of the August Moon                      Grandmother               Mike Rademaekers, Director

Memoirs of a Ninja                                     MC, etc.                       Secret Rose Theatre, North Hollywood

Carmen                                                     Carmen                       Bridgewater Theatre, NJ

David and Lisa                                           Kate                            Summer Theatre, Bridgewater Theatre

Training & Workshops

Acting  Brian Reise Acting Studios  Brian Reise

Cold Reading Class  Angela Campolla-Sanders

CommercialAct Now  Tom Coates

Limon Technique  Limon School in SF

Modern Dance  Alvin Ailey School in NYC

Modern Dance  Z'eva Cohen

Private Coaching (Meisner)  Kent Kleinman

Race Car Driving  Bob Bondurant Racing School/Sears Point  Bob Bondurant

Voice  Judy Davis Studio  Judy Davis (Streisand, Garland, Janis Joplin)

Voice Animation  Bob Bergen

Acting Workshop (Stella Adler)  Mike Rademaekers

Piano  The Juilliard School  Jane Carlsen

Violin  The Juilliard School  Christine Dethier

Theatrical  Craig Campobasso



Plays Piano

Plays Violin

Plays Guitar

Loves Archery and Pilates


Accents - Chinese, NY, NJ



Mandarin Chinese

High School level German

Can pronounce French, Italian